Luciano Cabral to remain in prison

The Argentine justice denied the conditional release to the Argentinean soccer player nationalized Chilean who was accused of aggravated homicide.

The Argentinean nationalized player Luciano Cabral will remain in prison until the trial is held for the alleged murder in which he was involved. This was determined by the Criminal Court of Minors of San Rafael, in Argentina, denying the parole that requested his defense.

It is worth remembering that the player is imprisoned since January 3 accused of participating, along with his father and three cousins, in a fight that ended with the death of Joan Ariel Villegas (27).

“I’m not a murderer, I did not kill anyone, I just want to play football, and if I get the freedom I’m not going to flee,” Cabral told court officials ahead of the hearing on Monday asking for parole. However, the judicial body rejected the petition.

According to what Mediamza explained, “the measure was appealed by the defense of the player and now the court was issued not giving rise to the grievances indicated by the defense, understanding also that there is risk of flight and danger of hindering the process and may hamper the cause”.

In this way, the ex-selected Sub 20 will remain in prison until December, when the trial will be held to hear the final ruling on his case.

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